According to the photographer's son, Rafiq, this studio portrait was taken by Mahmud Efendi in Sulamania during the 1950s.

Susan Meiselas
Author of Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History

Who is in the photo: two kurdish women from south of Kurdistan (Sulaimanyiha).
Where it was taken: KURDISTAN
When it was taken: END OF 1950, January 25, 2008

Who is in the photo: two sisters

two sisters the one on the left is amena khan the one on the right name is habsa khan wakeb this photo was taken as the girls pictured were going to a cousins wedding

aram jabar mohammad, scotland, March 27, 2005

It is a typical wonans wear in Sulaymaniya till mother had till now such a wear that she dressed to fest or party..., October 13, 2004