According to the photographer's son, Azad, this picture is by Giw Mukriyani, though he is not sure where it was made. It is a portrait of Gharani, head of the Mamash tribe, with his son, Ali, who later became a member of Parliament under the Shah of Iran. I have always wanted to find this family, but have been unable to find anyone who knew them.

Susan Meiselas
Author of Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History

Who is in the photo: gharani agha leader of mamesh tirbe and his son ali

it is a family photo

they are related to me so i know who are they

Who took the photo: i dont know
Who is in the photo: i dont know
Where it was taken: i dont know
When it was taken: i dont know

it is a great photo.., December 26, 2008

Who took the photo: i dont know
Who is in the photo: i dont know
Where it was taken: it must be in east kurdistan /Iran..somewhere ina village maybe
When it was taken: it must be earliere than 1920

I am a Mamashi..i wanna find out more and he must be my great great grandda /ancestors of mine....i know i belong to that tribe and they are known as brave men and wild ones..thereare songs about mamash and mangor tribe...i heard mamshi were killers..according to songs...and also they were a great tribe and soem of them moved to north iraq which is south kurdistan...and i think once 2 brothers moved there and one of them which was named Watman/othman..maybe he was a Agha..he became the hand right of Pashay Kore there in the area of Kani Watman..which is located to Sulemani area...but later on Pahsay Kore let his hand be cutted cuz Othman/watmn had let a couple set free b4 their death..and he didnt lied 2 pahsay kore..and then after letting his hand cut..Pahsay Kore regretted himself cuz he saw what abrave man Othman really was and he said if i only knew that brave u were he would never have done it etc...

And aletr own that place is named after Othman/Watman why today is called Kani Watman....
i wrote all those cuz i really wanna find out more if u recognize anything and know more or other things to share about the mamashies r photos of them plz contact me.

btw.My name is goes that far bk to mamashies..G. Mohsin Ahmed Aziz Ahmed Othman/Watman....and mamsies name many of their kids Ahmad and also Mohammed i think the name of Ahmed must have to a certain person in Mamsh tribe.... and my family has been reunited with some mamamshies during the war in iraq in 1991 raparin but they doesnt have contact and i have heard the ename of the village is S and they have been rich ppl those mamshies whom moved to south kurdistan are more known also as watmanies even mamashies..and they kind have alwways been related to belbas , bamand , mam seni and sian tribes....

what u know abot mamashies and u think i dont know let me know plz

Gashawa, Sweden,, April 05, 2007

Who took the photo: acording the above text:(giw mukriani)
Who is in the photo: he is my grandad uncle&his son
Where it was taken: kurdistan of iran(west azarbayjan state-piranshahr-pasvah)
When it was taken: The son in the photo (ali) was born in 1922

Garanyagha is the head leader of mamash tribe. his grandfather pirot had many son that each of them had became a tribe later but (mohamad) one of his sons had poletical relationship with govrenment in that time. so GHARANY AGHA (SER GHARANI) became leader of the tribe. He fedrated with two large other tribes PIRAN & MANGOR later which named BLBAS. So govrenment noticed them and (AMIR NEZAM GARROSI) named them acording the beloved: 1-gharani: (AMIR-AL-ASHAYER) that mean ser of the tribes. in the later time our familyname became: (AMIRASHAYERI) *One of gharani s son live in london now.His name is Esmaeel Amirashayeri.

swareh amirashayeri, Architect
Iran,, January 05, 2006

Who is in the photo: qaranyagh mamesh head of all bulbas tribe

this is a pictuure of the head of all bulbas tribe. there are songs on him as well who were sang by hssan zirak. as far as the bulbas tribe say now is that he worked for iran and was what the kurds call it(jash)

tavgar bulbas, college student
united kingdom,, October 14, 2005

Who took the photo: john p. pathersohngh
Who is in the photo: lobtynaweh jvaquesthay (and) klanminght Alerthayahlankaya
Where it was taken: ???
When it was taken: ???

this photograph was takin as a memory when fleeing into the great wilderness in kurdistan!

where are these people and how to contact them? i will be checking in and please post this in open view so i don't have to put my name and other personal info that i culd be conntacted by! thank you i hope that i helped alot p.sp. this is there great great grandaughter if you find them i would love to meet you both if possile........................

Who took the photo: dont no
Who is in the photo: my granddad and great granddad
Where it was taken: iran (kurdistan), pasveh
When it was taken: 1915 (roughly)

this is a picture of my granddad and mmy great granddad in iran. is just a traditional father and son photo that had been taken to remain in the family photo album.

anything that i can find out about it.

salim, student
england,, September 24, 2004

Who took the photo: Giw Mukriyani,
Who is in the photo: it is my grandad and great grandad
Where it was taken: i am sorry idont no
When it was taken: i dont no

i want to anwer your question with my mum who is dayter to Ali and i wolud like if got in contact with my email at the bouttom (plez rite back)

swara, student
england,, September 21, 2004