This photograph was sent to us by Muhyeddin Rahim and at first we were not sure that the handwritten caption was correct. Some scholars said it could not have been taken in Mahabad. But finally, Hassan Ghazi, a Kurd living in Sweden, found an early history book in which this picture was reproduced.

The handwriting on the image reads: Celebration of the independence of Kurdistan (left to right) Ahmed Kafash, a Kurdish officer; Karim Nazemi, with the flag of Kurdistan; Mohammad Firuzi, a Kurdish Officer.

This was taken sometime around January 22, 1946. We have no idea who might have taken this picture, nor how it survived the destruction of the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad."

Susan Meiselas
Author of Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History

Who is in the photo: Mohammad Firuzi, Alla, Sattar, Karim Nazemi, Ahmad Kafash
Where it was taken: Somewhere in Kurdistan

There are two sentences on the top line. The first sentence says, in the day of Celebration of Independence in Kurdistan. (The second sentence on the top line is blurry and I cant tell what it says).
Following are three sentences.
1. Kurdish Army Officer Mohammad Firuzi close to Flag of Malkida next to Alla and Sattar.
2. Karim Nazemi is holding the Flag of Kurdistan.
3. Ahmad Kafash a Kurdish Army Officer.

In the first sentence where I wrote (Flag of Malkida), I could not tell what was written in the picture so I just thought maybe the two words were Flag of Malkida. Im not sure, I might not be right.

The building in the background, looks like a big mosque, because of the mosque shaped doorways which you can see on both on the left and right sides.

The picture was too small for me to see what was written so I copied it to my Photo viewer program and made the picture larger in order to see the writings.

Musa, Student
January 02, 2008

Who is in the photo: karim nazmi
Where it was taken: mohabad
When it was taken: 50 years ago at least

diako hamzehzadeh afkham, none
iran,, September 02, 2005

Dear Sir /Madam.
I guess this story is translated by one of my reletive, which we lost ages ago. His name is Hassan Ghazi! Could you kindly hepl us to find him, or pls inform him that we are looking for him.
Best Regards

aydan, Manager
Azerbaijan ,Baku,, April 30, 2005

what is the building in the background? It is hard to see it . That's why I have no idea what the building or house in the background is.

Who took the photo: mehvan qasi
Who is in the photo: karim nazemi with the kurdish flag, mohammad firuzi and ahmet k
Where it was taken: mahbad kurdistan
When it was taken: october 15, 1942

Parade to celebrate the independence of kurdistan

what are the figures in the background i can't figure them out?

Dr. shirvan kesteay, Anthroplogist
Canada, October 06, 2003

Who is in the photo: Kurdish Leader in Mahabad
Where it was taken: Mahabad
When it was taken: 1945

In the time of establishment of Republic od MAHABAD

Salih Kadir, Australian,, June 29, 2003