We found this image in the personal archive of a French collector. And know nothing more about it.

Susan Meiselas
Author of Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History

Who took the photo: im not sure maybe an english man
Who is in the photo: 4 women, two girls with thier mothers maybe
Where it was taken: hmm, in kurdistan, which part is hard to say
When it was taken: maybe around 1910

who took the pic..

Darya, student
sweden, katarina25@hotmail.com, January 20, 2006

no clue about the picture but, kizil bash - tribes being kurdic, this is sort of funny, some people should read history before they re-invent it. At least then it might make more sense.

Seems to be from some collection of pics, or perhaps a book, so it would be interesting learn the real source and take a look

Who took the photo: Mehedi Hassan Rumon
Who is in the photo: Noor Muhammad
Where it was taken: baen, Iran
When it was taken: 1562

Shuvroo Chowdhury, Engineer
Bangladesh, shuvroo@walla.com, March 21, 2005

Who took the photo: HUGO GROTHE a German
Who is in the photo: Four women who are Kurdish and also Alevi(Kizilbas)
Where it was taken: Northwest Kurdistan(Maras or Sariz)
When it was taken: 1907-1908

Hugo GROTHE had a travel that occupies Kurdistan and all Middleast in 1907-1908 and then published a book in 1912 in Germany.

The tribe of them and maybe the village

Ýbrahim Duman, Turkey, dumanibrahim@msn.com, November 26, 2004

Hi, I m now 30 yo... When i was a child my mom used to tell me that old kurdish women used to wear different hats (in kurdish KOFI) for their diffrent ages... girls and married girls used to wear different hats to show their marriage or not...
a kurdish student in new york.

Rodin Rojhilat, Student
North Kurdistan - Turkey, rodin@kurdland.com, April 12, 2004

Who took the photo: i dont know
Who is in the photo: four kurdish womens
Where it was taken: in kurdistan i will say in iran
When it was taken: 1912

i would want to know who actually took the picture

Gulen Coban (Zilan), student
london, Elagozlu@hotmail.com, April 03, 2003