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I am a Kurdish rug and textile collector and after seeing your exhibitionin in Bellevue, Washington, I became interested in acquiring historical Kurdish photographs.

Searching the web, I found these two images. On the back of each image it says "made in Germany" in Farsi, at the top. I have been told that they are postcards made before 1935. These postcards belonged to a gentleman who passed away recently--originally they belonged to his grandfather. His grandfather was Yolander Shahbaz and he was a missionary in Persia in the 1920's. He wrote a book titled "Rage of Islam" in 1936 about his life in Persia during the Turkish uprising. They are hand-colored and actual photographs of people, cities, and tribes in Iran taken by Mr. Shahbaz.

The condition is good, considering the age. A little rounding on the corners, a little foxing, staining, and soiling on the back, but overall good condition. Any info would help. I am a bit uncertain and feel as if they are not authentic.

God Bless! and thank you.

--Excerpts from a recent email from Ferdod Haghighi, Kurdish rug and textile collector living in the United States

Who took the photo: dont know
Who is in the photo: a rich kurdish man and his wife
Where it was taken: sena-sanandaj iranian kurdistan
When it was taken: beetween first world war and second world war

it was taken by someone who do his research in kurdistan;maybe a photographman

shler, student
france, melwanke@yahoo.fr, May 06, 2007

Who took the photo: I dont know..
Who is in the photo: I guess famous kurd rebellion seyit ręzo&his wife zarife
Where it was taken: Probably in Dersim
When it was taken: 1930 s

Seyit Ręzo is a very well known Kurdish rebellion and his wife Zarife also joined him fighting on the steep mountains of Dersim in northwest Kurdistan. I guess once I saw this photo in a book. Maybe I am wrong..

nujdaramedî, Doctor
Turkey, August 03, 2006

Who is in the photo: i believe its an leader from dersim (kurdistan,Turkey)
Where it was taken: in a studio or mountain with the easy background

i see this foto also in a photomap of dersim on a internet adress but a forget the ip Sorry but its an Leader thats fix

dersimlicagri, hotel manager(Duty)
austria, dersimlicagri@hotmail.com, October 05, 2004

Who took the photo: ?
Who is in the photo: two regular people
Where it was taken: Sinna East Kurdistan (Sanandaj, Iran)
When it was taken: early 20th century

It looks like a couple from eastern kurdistan (Iran) by the way they are dressed and how they were the traditional kurdish clothing. It was probably taken by someone who was doing a research project on iran or the middle east.

who are the people?

nezar, student
usa, denu1986@aol.com, December 29, 2002